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DELTA® Wrap – Damp Proofing

DELTA® Wrap – Damp Proofing

DELTA® -MS (Damp Proofing), commonly known as “The Delta WRAP” is the premium choice in foundation protection. No other damp proofing product performs as well when it comes to keeping water out of your basement.

The DELTA®-MS membrane is extruded and vacuum formed from high density polyethylene (HDPE) a tough, durable, non-toxic material. The membrane is remarkably impermeable to water and water vapour and impervious to acids and other agents.

The dimpled design creates an air-gap between the damp soil and the foundation wall keeping moisture from ever touching the wall on its way to the footing drains. Unlike a coating, the membrane’s design allows it to permanently bridge large cracks, tie holes and honeycombed or damaged sections of concrete.

The airspace also has the unique effect of allowing moisture from the concrete curing process to escape to the outside of the wall rather than to the interior of the foundation.

Key Benefits
  • Acts as an air-gap and capillary breaking waterproofing and drainage membrane
  • Keeps soil moisture from touching the wall, condenses and drains construction moisture to the footing drains
  • Is a safe, non-toxic product that does not require any protective respiratory or handling devices during installation
  • Bridges cracks and ignores damage points of foundation walls
  • Forms an independent skin around the basement
  • Is environmentally friendly – recyclable

Proofing as per the Alberta Building Code

STANDARD DAMP PROOFING or SPRAY & PATCH or “Tar and Tab” as it is sometimes referred to, is a damp proofing for typical residential and commercial foundations.  Spray provides a barrier against moisture vapour transfer.  Damp proofing is one of the oldest forms of foundation protection and, as the minimum standard for the Alberta Building Code, is the most widely used product in the Alberta marketplace.

Key Benefits
  • Meets Alberta Building Code specifications
  • Helps to limit moisture vapour transfer

INTERIOR SPRAY is required when a separate interior finish is applied directly to a concrete wall that is in contact with soil.  It is also required where wood framing is applied in direct contact with below grade concrete.  The interior damp proofing must extend from the basement floor up to the finished grade height.  Per the Alberta Building Code interior damp proofing is one of three approved Vapour Barriers.

Key Benefits
  • Meets Alberta Building Code specifications for a vapour barrier
  • Helps to limit moisture vapour transfer

What is the difference between Damp Proofing and Waterproofing?

There is a distinct difference between damp proofing and waterproofing. Dampproofing is intended to keep out soil moisture while waterproofing keeps out both moisture and liquid water. Many homeowners believe their homes to be waterproofed when in fact most homes are merely damp proofed. With proper drainage, including weeping tile and landscaping, the average home will be just fine with damp proofing, especially in a typically dry climate such as Calgary. However, homes that are subject to water issues such as flat grading or a high water table would be much better in the long run with a waterproofing product.