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Window Well Services

Window Well Services

Window Wells are important in many different ways. Window Wells help to keep dirt away from your windows thereby almost eliminating the possibility of water flowing back in through your windows. Window Wells also keep the dirt away from the windows allowing a greater amount of light to be able to enter through the window.

Window Wells are a building code element and should be installed with a large enough projection to allow you to have egress in the event of a hazard in the basement. When installed by an experienced installer, window wells can provide a variety of positive benefits.

Any water that may collect in the well is carried through the window drops, down the wall and into the weeping tile system.

Key Benefits
  • Keeps dirt away from windows so that no water can flow back in through the windows
  • Allows light to enter into the basement through the window
  • Provides egress in the case of an emergency

How Window Well and Weeping Tile Works